Revolutionising Access Control Systems with BlueLock

BlueLock™ is an advanced access controls systems device supplied by this leading access control systems company, which is giving South Africans a new way to keep themselves safe. The company was founded in 2010 and today there are 15 people on the team. This device can be installed on your garage door, your gate or your door. You can also use this system on your alarm system, irrigation systems and your home or business’ lights. BlueLock™ is allowing you more control over your security devices than ever before.

What are BlueLock access control systems?

BlueLock™ is a BlueTooth® receiver that works within 25 meters of the locked area that needs to be accessed. The receiver is controlled by an incredibly useful and efficient app and it can be installed on an Android phone or on an iPhone, using the 4.0 version of BlueTooth®.

BlueLockâ„¢ is a wonderful security system to add to your already existing security measures and it has been designed to be compatible with almost all types of garage and gate motors. BlueLockâ„¢ is designed to be used along with your existing remote controls and receivers.

The modern average household has more than one person living within it, so having more than one remote control gate motors (electric gate motors) or remote control garage motors has become the norm. Having BlueLockâ„¢ is the safer way in which to secure your home and the app has a feature that will enable you to add as many people as you like to it, enabling you to limit the number of remotes that you have in circulation.

This free app simplifies the access control systems that you know. You can simply add the people who you want to give access to the app. Users will need to download the app and then scan the one of a kind code that will be provided with the unit. This means that only those who you allow to scan the code will have entry to your access control systems through the use of this BlueTooth® remote control.

You might be wondering how safe this access control system is to use. After all these days we often hear about the cloning of remote controls and other scams affecting the various access control systems available in our country. Having your BlueLock™ app compromised is not something that you will have to worry about happening. Each user can create a unique and private pin code that can be used to access the BlueLock™ app. The great thing about this is that even if your phone should fall into unsafe hands, you will not have to worry about the safety of your access control systems app being compromised. Your universal BlueTooth® remote control will give you access to numerous remote controlled gates and doors within your property or business.

Those who become the owners of this revolutionary access control system will always know exactly who has access to their gates and doors, and they never have to worry about the “key” falling into more hands than they might have expected or would like. Everything will be properly sealed and protected when you have BlueLock™.

You also don’t have to worry about the app being reproduced on another phone. From the moment the QR code is scanned, the access credentials will become encrypted and they cannot then be stolen or placed on another phone. This is a guarantee that your details will stay safe and will be protected.

Accessing the Professional Service

The BlueLockâ„¢ professional service is designed to allow the Master user the access to additional features such as schedules and guest permissions that will make their life so much easier. To have access to these professional services each user will have to have their own phones and they will have to have access to the internet.

Before the BlueLockâ„¢ receiver is accessed, with the view of controlling it, the user will need to receive pre-authorisation. This adds to the safety features of this useful and reliable device. Should a user not have internet access they will be immediately denied access to the use of the device.

We want your life to be that little bit more convenient and by purchasing this device you will not only reduce the number of remote controls that you have to juggle but you will also be improving your safety.

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