Lighting and Your Access Control System

//Lighting and Your Access Control System

Lighting and Your Access Control System

There is no doubt that having an access control system for your home is a smart move. While it certainly ups your security factor, it can also come in really handy when your system doubles as a handy universal remote control.

There are a number of ways that you can instantly start benefitting from having an access control system that acts as a universal remote control. It reduces the clutter, it can help cut down on costs, it is pretty easy to set up and it is quite simple to use. All in all, those who use this system very rarely go back to the alternatives they would have used before. Access control systems are best known for improving the security of your home or business and they are without a doubt an excellent feature to have.

Lighting your way

Often, darkness poses a great risk. Criminals hiding behind corners, waiting in the dark for you to return home after work or a fun night out, is the reality we live with, in South Africa. And businesses aren’t spared either! A lack of lighting as you step out of the office after putting in a few extra hours can pose a huge, unnecessary risk.

But what does lighting have to do with your access control system?

A lot actually. When selecting the right kind of system, you should be able to turn your lighting on and off, as you please. This means you can turn on any lighting well before you get home, possibly surprising waiting criminals or warding them off.

Imagine the surprise they will get when a light comes on when they think they are alone. Taking away the element of surprise is exactly what having lighting controlled by your universal remote/access control system will do.

Ideally, putting on the lights about half an hour before you arrive home will provide enough time to give you the edge. There is also a certain amount of comfort to be enjoyed when you arrive at a lit up home. Arriving in the darkness and having to stumble your way into your home could result in more than a few bumps and bruises.

Depending on the type of lighting you have in your home, you can adjust the lights to have a warmer tone so you don’t have a startling light in your eyes. For lighting your garden and driveway, you can have flood lights to brighten your path.


You need BlueLock

As a Bluetooth access control system, BlueLock is ideal for those wanting full control over their security as well as enjoy those extra benefits that come with having control over your lighting. This top of the range universal remote control is all you need.

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