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BlueTooth Control System for Garage Door Motors

Gate Remotes have always been a great option, especially in the business setting.

Expecting employees to get out of their cars and open gates has been a thing of the past for a long time now. But buying each employee a remote can be costly. Not only is it a costly expense but there is also the possibility that the Gate Remotes could be accidently taken by the employee when they leave the company, putting the safety of those who stay at risk.

For safety reasons and for reasons of convenience, having a garage door motor for your home or business is the norm for many people. Garage Doors Motors can only be activated with a remote.

In the past these Garage Gate Remotes used to be attached to car key chains or left in unused car ashtrays but these days Garage Door Opener remotes are taking on a more technologically advanced form, that of a BlueTooth® Universal Garage Door Remote Control.

This is why having a device such as the BlueTooth® Universal Garage Remote Control is not only cost effective but it is also an option which is a whole lot safer. The access devices cannot simply go missing and they are kept safe even if the phone should be stolen. BlueTooth® Gate Remotes are controlled by a Garage Door App that is password protected so even if the phone is stolen the Garage Door App cannot be accessed by an intruder.

residential security

Take control of your garden irrigation with access control devices

Having complete control over how you access your home is something that is hugely convenient, but what about having control over other things on your property, such as your lighting or your irrigation. Access control systems and access control devices are fast becoming the must have device, and with the technology that we have these days you are carrying around the device that will revolutionise the way that you control your home. Access control system companies are always thinking of new ways to use technology, and BlueLock is that innovative company that has combined the different types of technology to give you the ultimate device to be used for electronic access control.

BlueLock™ access control devices change the way the you get things done

With the revolutionary BlueLock App, you can have full control over your gate, determing who enters and exits your property, while at the same time giving you full control over your lights and your irrigation systems, all using your phone. Having and using Bluetooth in the home is such a pleasure. Using just an app on your Smartphone, you can have full control over a number of things. The BlueLock remote control app gives you control over your irrigation, giving you the option to decide when you will be turning on the system to irrigate your garden.

The BlueLock app allows you to add as many users to the device as you like. Having control over the decision of who can use the device improves your protection, and since you will be sharing the app with those loving in your home, the irrigation function can be used by anyone at the home. This control system is great for those who are looking for a way to simplify their lives and reduce the amount of remotes and keys that they carry around.

BlueLock has numerous fantastic benefits that can be used both in the home and in the business. Access control devices have been around for many years but it is only lately that they have been designed in such a way that they have been compacted into an exceptionally secure app, giving only you and a few others control over this access control device. The BlueLock app can be used as a gate remote for access security, it can give you electronic access control over your doors, full control over your lighting and control over your alarm systems. If you are looking to completely transform your home or business, then BLueLock is for you.


Gate Remote Universal BlueTooth® Gate Remote Control for Electric Gate Motors

Electric Gate Motors allow a person to safely open their home or business gates reducing the worry of being attacked or hijacked. They will no longer have to get out of their cars to open the Electric Gate System. With a gate with an Electric Gate Motor there are fewer concerns about crime and no more having to get out in the rain or when you are exhausted to open the gate. Electric Gate Motors have made life a lot simpler, but having to carry around and possibly lose a Gate Remote is the one major drawback to having a gate like this.

But with the universal BlueTooth® Gate Remote Control this drawback is all but destroyed. A BlueTooth® Gate Remote Control for Electric Gate Motors eliminates the need to have a physical Gate Remote Control to carry around.

Users can now use a simple, easy App to control their Electric Gate System as well as their garage doors. BlueLockâ„¢ is the ultimate Access Control tool that will allow a user to control every remote controlled feature of their home, or business, with their cell phones.

The BlueLockâ„¢ product includes a Remote Receiver device along with a CR code that is used to activate the Remote Entry Systems App which will allow a user to have a universal remote control for all of their Gate Remotes. Unlike with the more conventional remote controls that could be given out to any number of people, potentially putting the security of others at risk, the BlueTooth® remote control can only be used by those who you would like to give access to.

The BlueLockâ„¢ Gate Remote Control System

Will enable you to place a private pin code into the App to prevent any unauthorized person from being able to use the universal Remote Receiver. This greatly reduces the risk of crime and it enhances the overall safety of the premises and those on the premises. The universal Remote Control Receiver is also multifunctional in that it cannot only be used to control a Motorized Gate Opener and garage doors but it can also be used to control your irrigation systems and your homes lighting, allowing you to walk into a bright home every night.

You should be thinking about revolutionizing your home. These days we all have smart phones and few of us utilize them to their full ability. If you are thinking about minimizing the amount of remote controls that you have, then you should be considering investing in BlueLock’sâ„¢ Remote Entry Systems .

residential security

Networking with a universal remote control

Electronic access control is changing the way that we access our homes and businesses, and now it is also changing a number of things within our homes. Every home has lighting, but there is nothing worse than coming home in the dark. Not only is it unpleasant to come home in the dark but it can be dangerous. We are all concerned about our safety and so when we have the opportunity to keep our homes safer, we grab it. And increasing your safety is exactly what you will be doing when you are investing in our access control app that allows you to turn on your lights using a universal remote control.

Universal remote controls have been given a complete makeover and they no longer include those remote controls that are bulky and take up space wherever you are carrying them. These days the best universal remote controls are those that have been transformed into an app.

Most of us have smartphones these days and most of us love to have an app that will make our lives easier. And the BlueLock™ app is that app that is guaranteed to make your life easier.

Bluetooth® relies on networking frequencies to transfer data which is what makes it ideally used for universal remote controls. Electronic access control is not the only thing that your BlueLock™ app will be useful for, it is also great for controlling your lighting. You can also use your BlueLock™ app to replace your gate remote control, and other access control devices.


A universal remote control for your lighting

Take your electronic access control to the next level with the Bluetooth® BlueLock™ App

If you had the option between paying out large sums of money on gate remote controls and having the option of using a universal remote control app that can be used by multiple people while not damaging or lessening the effectiveness of the security that it provides, which would you choose? The answer is likely to be the universal remote control app.

Technology has allowed us to take full control over the security that we have at our homes and at our businesses, and one of the best examples of how technology has made us safer is the universal remote control app that can be installed on a smartphone, or tablet. While the universal remote control has changed many things, one of the biggest advantages of this Bluetooth® app is that it has removed the need for remote control devices for opening gates and doors. With the BlueLock™ app, you can give your network access to your premises without having to give them a gate remote. This minimises the risk of the remotes being stolen or going missing, while it will also save you money.

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The Ultimate Access Control System now on your Smartphone

BlueLock has changed the way that people use access control systems. When once passwords and remotes were the norms, now smartphones have become the easiest tool for accessing your home or office.

As an advanced access control system, BlueLock works with the help of a BlueTooth receiver and is compatible with all kinds of access control systems, from opening office doors to putting on the lights before you return home from work in the evening.

The receiver, which acts in conjunction with the BlueLock app, can work up to 25 meters from the area in which it has been set up. Founded in 2010, BlueLock has helped countless clients to improve their security and limit the number of remotes or passwords they need. Since our founding almost 10 years ago, the team has grown and the technology has become more advanced, allowing the company to be more innovative.

BlueLock is ideal for controlling irrigation systems, alarm systems, lights and garage gates.

As a security system, BlueLock can be used alongside other security products to quickly become the most useful security device in your home or office. Not only does the device work well on its own, but it can also be integrated into other security systems, allowing you to get the most out of your universal remote control.

BlueLock gives control back to you.

Why choose BlueLock?

Apart from the fact that this app and accompanying devices allow you to have all of your remotes in one place, there are a number of other reasons why you can benefit from having BlueLock. This is an app that has been designed to simplify the way that you look at and use access control systems.

With an all in one app, there is a variety of things you can control, from your door locks to your lighting. This app works perfectly when you are looking for a way to remotely control gate motors and garage door motors. By doing this, you are instantly improving your safety while also making life a little easier.

BlueLock allows more than one person to have access. Unlike a remote, which is costly to duplicate and can end up in the wrong hands, BlueLock can be installed on more than one smartphone and with each installation, a unique QR pin code can be selected. This means that your whole family can use their smartphones to access the home and each have their own pin.  The same applies when using BlueLock in an office; more than one employee can be given access.

To share access, users will need to download the app and then scan the unique QR code which is provided with each unit. Only those who have scanned the same code will have access to that particular system. This is designed to greatly improve the safety and security of the app. You can choose who will have access, so should you be using BlueLock in the office, you can select exactly who can have access and who can’t. This is particularly important for areas where only certain staff have been given clearance to enter, such as a server room.

You will only have to buy one product, so in many ways, you will be saving money.

How safe is BlueLock?

As safety is our business, you can be sure that we have designed BlueLock with more than just the safety it will provide you in mind. Sure, a big benefit of this app is that it is going to simplify the way you look at access control systems, but the purpose of BlueLock to improve your security.

And how could we improve your security if the app itself is not secure?

With clone scams and other factors compromising security these days, we know that robbers can be very crafty when it comes to their “profession”. But we are one step ahead of them so that you never have to worry about it.

So, how is the BlueLock app and device safe? Well, it all has to do with the unique pin that each user gets to choose. Unless you store your pin details on your phone, which we strongly advise against, you won’t have to worry about your security being threatened should your phone be stolen. You will also never again have to worry about your remote or key falling into the wrong hands. Because each person you choose to share your access control system with will have to scan your QR code, you will know and have a record for every person who you have given access to.

And you can also be sure that no one will be able to reproduce the app on their phone. Once the QR code is scanned, it becomes encrypted and as a result it cannot be reproduced should a phone be stolen, or should someone be inclined to share their access.

Your next question might be along the lines of, “What about former employees?” Again, we can give you some peace of mind. When an employee leaves your company, you can remove their access and your company will continue to enjoy the safety that the app provides.

Quick Info about the Master User

The person who buys BlueLock is known as the Master User. They are the ones who will have access to the other features available with the app. They will also be the first person to have the authorisation to have access to the BlueTooth receiver. The need to have authorisation is again another safety feature that owners of BlueLock can enjoy. The Master User will also be the one who decides who can have access to their control systems.

BlueLock is designed to be user friendly and you’ll have no trouble getting the hang of it. In fact, many of our clients now prefer the app method to their previous access control devices.

We are committed to providing our clients with the most reliable and affordable security devices.

Are you ready to improve your security? Get in touch with our team today and transform your smartphone into a universal remote for all of your access control requirements.


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