Q: Is Bluelock’s Bluetooth Receiver compatible with your Garage Door Motors and Gate Motors?

A: Bluelock is compatible with any Garage Door Opener that has a wall switch. If you want to be sure, take the two wires that go to your wall switch and momentarily touch the wires together. If touching them together opens/closes your door then Bluelock’s Universal Remote is compatible.

Some newer Garage Door Openers, which offer Internet connectivity or have an advanced wall system (e.g., has a screen that shows the date and time or temperature), these are not compatible.

Q: How secure is Bluelock?

A: Bluelock uses Bluetooth4.0® offering the best wireless security in the industry. Bluetooth4.0® is much safer than WiFi since it is impossible for someone to open your garage directly over the Internet. The Bluetooth App needs to scan the UNIQUE QR code supplied with your Bluelock Bluetooth Receiver. Keep the QR code in a safe place for without it, you cannot add additional users.

Q: Which model iPhones, iPads, and iPods can I use to open my garage with BlueLock?

A: We support any Apple device with iOS 8 or later and Bluetooth4.0®. This includes the iPhone4s or later, the iPod Touch fifth generation or later, the iPad 3rd generation or later, iPad Mins, iPad Air, etc.

Q: What Androids are supported?

A: Bluelock requires Bluetooth4.0® and Android v4.4 or later. We have tested on dozens of Androids and the latest version of Bluelock has shown no compatibility issues. However, there are over over 1000 Android models and that makes testing difficult.

Q: What is the benefit of using Bluelock instead of a traditional Universal Remote?

A: Bluelock enhances security allowing you to password protect the Bluelock Remote Control App. Also Bluetooth4.0® is the industry’s most secure wireless protocol and uses advanced security features available on most phones making Bluelock very very secure.

Many burglaries occur because the owner forgets a garage door remote control inside their car where it is easily accessible to thieves. You might not even notice your remote is missing.

There is also a cost savings. One Bluelock receiver can support an unlimited number of smartphones at the price point of one traditional remote control. Additionally there is no need to ever buy and replace expensive batteries.

Finally Bluelock has some advanced features like Guest Permissions and Schedules. (the user needs to download the Professional App).

Q: Can I use my Windows Phone or Blackberry to open my garage?

A: Bluelock don’t currently offer an app for Windows Phone or Blackberry.

Q: Will my pre-existing Garage Door Remotes / Gate Remotes continue to work?

A: Yes, all your existing Gate Remotes and wall switches will continue to work normally.

Q: What is the range of Bluelock?

A: Line of site, approximately 100 meters.

Q: Is my data private? (POPI Compliant)

A: Yes your data is YOUR confidential, personal property. Our Product and service is POPI compliant.

Q: Are there any subscription or monthly fees?

A: Bluelock basic, No, there are no fees. Bluelock Professional , yes there is a charge for the Bluetooth App.

Q: I have more than one garage. Can I use the same Bluelock App to control all my garages?

A: Yes you can control all of your garages from the same Bluelock App, you can control two garages from one Bluelock receiver.

Q: Will Bluelock interfere with my Bluetooth® headset, phone calls, speakers, or other Bluetooth® devices?

A: No interference will ever occur. Bluetooth4.0® was made for this purpose. It supports simultaneous communication with multiple devices.