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Why blue lock?

Bluetooth Technology and its advantages

The beginning of bluetooth

When bluetooth technology had first started out it was something that was unsafe, had many problems and was practically unusable, no one really used it, its main uses where for replacing cabling between devices, but over the years bluetooth has been used for more and more, Apple uses it for its AirDrop, Android uses It for file transfer.

However bluetooth has far more uses, music playback to your car, controlling your smart home, connecting to your smart watch and far more than that.

Bluetooth Today

As the years have gone by, and technology has advanced, the uses of bluetooth have grown. BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices are becoming more and more popular and the uses are out growing what was even thought imaginable with bluetooth. BLE Technology is allowing us to create amazingly small devices which can connect with our phones, computer and watches; with using excessively small amounts of energy and space. This creates a massive network of devices around us, but the good news is that as the technology is used more, it will only ever get better and better.

BlueLock™ uses this technology of bluetooth 4.1 BLE, which allows the use of the BlueLock devices up to 25m, with the uses of encrypted data, and has improved data transfer rates.

BlueLock and its uses

Let’s talk BlueLock, what gates, doors, garages, etc, do you have around your house, or at your work, that would make your life easer, as a parent? Adult? Employee? Well Let’s take a look at some of the uses. Let’s say you’re at work and your kids walk homeroom school, but now they don’t have there own keys to get into the house, well, if your gate or front door had a BlueLock would allow them to open the door, gate, etc. With Just their phone, which as we all know teenagers always have on them.

Or lets look at it from this angle, maybe you have have a business or work for one, and you get to work early, but now you don’t have keys to get into the work, but the door to the office has a BlueLock on it, and you. Have your phone on you so of course you can open the door with your phone. And for business owners, with the new BlueLock App, you can set a certain time for which doors can be opened or closed by certain people, so that no unwanted employees can get into the office late at night.

The set back of such devices

What are the downsides you might ask? Well the only downsides really are the use of ones phone in the matter, because if your phone battery dies and you have no keys to enter said garage or house, then you may have to ask your neighbour or friend for a quick recharge of your phone, but as phones are getting better and batteries are lasting longer, this problem won’t be existing for much longer, and the uses of bluetooth will start to really pick up in the future as connecting to even smaller and more powerful devices become even more useful to us.

As a Bluetooth access control system, BlueLock is ideal for those wanting full control over their security as well as enjoy those extra benefits that come with having control over your lighting. This top of the range universal remote control is all you need.

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