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The importance of having the right access control system

It’s more important than ever before to make sure that your home and your business enjoys as much security as possible.

A lock and key is not enough, and even the least cunning of criminal has bested such security. Locks can be broken and keys can be lost or even given away. The most effective system that you could possibly have in place is an access control system. Designed to secure certain areas of a building and able to protect both physical and virtual resources (depending on the type of system you choose), access control technology is the best security you can invest in.

When you start the search for the right kind of system, you need to know that there are 2 types. The first is able to control the physical access that a person has to an area, while the second protects access to files and other important virtual documents. The type of access system will also depend on what information is needed in order to allow a person access. For instance, one system might require a unique pin while others rely on fingerprints and even retina scans.

Before you decide on a specific system, you need to know why it is so important to have access control in the first place!


  1. Equipment safety

Whether it is in your home or in your business, we’re quite sure that you have certain things that you will want to keep safe. With an access control system, you will be able to limit who has access to the equipment as well as to the area in which the equipment is being so carefully stored. If you have a company and hazardous equipment is part of the job, the need for an access control system is even more necessary. No unauthorised person would be able to get their hands on the equipment.

  1. Reduce the costs of energy

These systems are not only fantastic for the workplace when you are looking to protect certain areas or access to equipment. When you have the right kind of access control system, you will be saving energy in the long run. The system knows when an area is occupied, and naturally, it will also know when an area is empty. Having a system that is able to automatically turn off lighting, heating and cooling systems should someone leave it on is a great way to start cutting back on costs.

  1. No more keys

As mentioned before, keys can so easily be lost or stolen, and even the best lock can be broken. When a key is lost, locks will need to be changed and new keys need to be cut, both of which can be pricey. Keys can also be copied very easily, which again increases the risk of an unauthorised person gaining access to your property. Access control systems are considered modern as well as state of the art, which can only serve you well in the long term.

BlueLock is an app that not only controls who has access to entrances, but it also controls lighting, garage doors and irrigation. Browse through our website to find out more about how BlueLock can improve your security.

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