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Must-Know Facts about Access Control Systems

BlueLock is an all in one access control system that is perfect for the home as well as ideal for the office. The technology relies on smartphone technology, which is combined with the traditional access control system. Our technology has completely changed the way that such a system is used and with the ability to work up to 25 meters away from its receiver, this app is a must for those late night workers and party animals arriving home in the dark.

BlueLock, as a universal remote control, gives you the power to control your lighting, irrigation and security, via the app. It also allows you to give others access to the app, which is why it can so easily be used in the office.

How much do you know about access control systems?

Reading up about access control systems is the only way you will be able to decide if the system is what you need. So, to make your decision making that little bit easier, here are a few facts you might not know about access control systems.

Modern access control systems make use of the retina, a fingerprint, an intercom, a card or a keypad.

The system is far more advanced than the old lock and key. While you can misplace a key, you cannot misplace a code…or a fingerprint! This factor is what makes the system so much more secure than other systems.

With some access control systems, you can see the exact times when a person has accessed an area while it goes without saying that you will also be able to see who has entered.

This system can very easily be integrated with other security measures, enhancing your security and improving your safety.

This technology can be used at all entrances, from garage doors to exterior office or home doors.

You can set up a two-factor authentication system, doubling up the security you have and guaranteeing that your access control will not fall into the wrong hands.

With BlueLock in particular, you won’t have to worry about the maintenance aspect of having this access control system.

You will have complete control over the system. This will allow you to decide who has access to and enters the area. Should you be using this system for your company, should someone resign, you can easily remove them.

Any access control system is made using many years of reliable technology. This guarantees that you will get the very best system on today’s market.

BlueLock is a leading, innovative access control system, and it has been used by countless clients. By providing numerous benefits and a host of uses.

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