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William Frost

He is a self made blogger and writes for the Onguard and several other companies

Home Automation

In the world of today everything is connected, and big companies like GoogleFacebook, Amazon and Microsoft, are trying to make us more connected and with that comes home automation, so what is it and how can we either get on the bus or get off of it?

What is home automation?

Home automation is when your home, is set up with devices that make your life easier or just more convenient when it comes to accessing or controlling your home.

So being able to turn on lights or open doors with just one push of a button from your cell phone is quite impressive. 

What can Bluelock do for you?

This begs the question of what can a Bluelock device do for your home? Well, it can open doors, gates, locks and even switch on lights all from your phone, using the Bluelock web app, you can send Bluetooth encrypted signals to your Bluelock device and activate the Bluelock switch which in turn will switch the device on or off.

So, if you have a gate or door which you would like to open with your phone, then the Bluelock is the product for you!

Security Companies are climbing on board!

Premier Security is one company that can utilize Bluelocks to open and close your front gate when responding to your alarm going off!

How is it done? Well, when your Bluelock is installed you’ll be able to select which security company will have access to opening and closing them, however not on a permanent basis, when the armed response arrives at your house, the control room, will give that officer a “token”, which will allow them to open and close your gate for up to 5 minutes. The nice thing about this is that you won’t have to waste money on buying more remotes for guards to gain access to your property and you can use the Bluelock as you wish.

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