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William Frost

He is a self made blogger and writes for the Onguard and several other companies

Access control in the palm of your hand

Access control in the palm of your hand with a device you always have with you. That’s Bluelock.

Why carry keys and remotes?  The Bluelock is a Bluetooth enabled smart switch that is cost-effective and simple to install. Using Bluetooth version 4.1 it does not require pairing with the user’s phone.

BnB’s are the fastest-growing rented accommodation model.  Security at these establishments is paramount.  Old fashioned keys can be duplicated in minutes and used to re-enter a property where the robber was once a guest.  With Bluelock, this security loophole is closed.  The owner of the establishment simply sends his guest TOKENS, prior to arrival and Voila!   Guests can now come and go for the duration of their stay.

Tokens are scheduled, meaning that they will expire after the pre-selected time and date thereby eliminating the risk of dodgy guests returning to help themselves to the new guest’s belongings.

Should the BnB owner need to retract a token, this can be done from his mobile phone in an instant.

The BnB owner will be alerted when his guests arrive. This can be a huge benefit if the owner needs to come and explain the property to the arrivals.

Bluelock has been successfully rolled out in hundreds of MTN Towers to allow technicians access with a full audit trail of their comings and goings. No external lock to be ground off. No keyholes to be plugged.  The MTN control center issues TIMED tokens to the technicians. From the time the token is first used the technician has two hours to complete his task and close the cabinet door where after the Token expires.

Bluelock has a sensor input to read and report back on the status of a door. This feature puts us ahead of our competitors. 

With our encrypted rolling code technology, you’re safe with Bluelock!

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