Acting as a universal remote control, BlueLock is easily used in the home as well as the office environment. BlueLock completely removes the necessity to have several remotes by bringing all of your access control products together.

BlueLock has been available to the public since 2010, and many companies have seen a noticeable improvement in their security, while also enjoying the simplicity of having all of their access control “keys” in one app. This app has completely revolutionised the world of access control.

How does BlueLock work?

Obviously, there is more to this product than just an app. In order for it to work, you need to have the associated devices. These devices, which are known as receivers, can be set up to control just about anything, from gates and doors to lighting and irrigation. Because the receivers can be set up in all kinds of environments, the BlueLock app will act as a universal remote.

One of the biggest concerns about having an app like this must surely be the safety of the app. When you have all of your access control information on one app, and it gets stolen, there is, of course, the concern that safety can be compromised. But with BlueLock, users need to use a private pin to gain access to the app. Without the unique pin, no information can be accessed and your access points stay protected.

BlueLock is designed for more than one user. This is another benefit of investing in this technology. Employees and family members can have their own app on their phone, along with their own unique pin. The owner of the app will also have full control over who will be given access to the information. This will provide some extra security while making life a bit easier.