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Blue Lock

Access control systems make life easier


Access Control Systems

Using advanced Bluetooth® technology, BlueLock™ has created an access control systems app that is like no other. Top of the range, easy to use and convenient, the BlueLock™ app is one of a kind.


Key Generated Encryption

Technology is revolutionising the way that we live. At BlueLock™ we have been pushing the boundaries of Bluetooth® technology and created unique key generated encryption methods.


Advanced Details

With this access control system we make use of Bluetooth® 4.0 technology which does not experience interference from other frequencies. The BlueLock™ app works from a distance of 25 meters.

Find out more about how the Blue Lock app can benefit you!

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Find out more about how the Blue Lock app can benefit you!

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garage door

Garage door motor

Security is at the forefront of the creation and development of our app. Having a central device that controls all access to a number of places is very important.

residential security


Make things more convenient, using technology. To make things more convenient, using technology we have created a system that will not just make entry management easier but access as well.


Electrical Gates

Take control over who can enter your property with BlueLockâ„¢. With our controlled access systems you have all of the control. Our app eliminates the risks of remote controls.

residential security


Ease of access, whether into your home or business, makes life easier. Access control systems have turned your phone into a universal remote control.



You never have to walk into a dark home again when you have BlueLock™. Ideal for those coming home late at night, control over lighting is another part of our access control system.

Find out more about Blue Lock app’s features!

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Find out more about Blue Lock app’s features!

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Download the Blue Lock app today!

The Ultimate Access Control System now on your Smartphone

BlueLock has changed the way that people use access control systems. When once passwords and remotes were the norms, now smartphones have become the easiest tool for accessing your home or office.

As an advanced access control system, BlueLock works with the help of a BlueTooth receiver and is compatible with all kinds of access control systems, from opening office doors to putting on the lights before you return home from work in the evening.

The receiver, which acts in conjunction with the BlueLock app, can work up to 25 meters from the area in which it has been set up. Founded in 2010, BlueLock has helped countless clients to improve their security and limit the number of remotes or passwords they need. Since our founding almost 10 years ago, the team has grown and the technology has become more advanced, allowing the company to be more innovative.

BlueLock is ideal for controlling irrigation systems, alarm systems, lights and garage gates.

As a security system, BlueLock can be used alongside other security products to quickly become the most useful security device in your home or office. Not only does the device work well on its own, but it can also be integrated into other security systems, allowing you to get the most out of your universal remote control.

BlueLock gives control back to you.

Why choose BlueLock?

Apart from the fact that this app and accompanying devices allow you to have all of your remotes in one place, there are a number of other reasons why you can benefit from having BlueLock. This is an app that has been designed to simplify the way that you look at and use access control systems.

With an all in one app, there is a variety of things you can control, from your door locks to your lighting. This app works perfectly when you are looking for a way to remotely control gate motors and garage door motors. By doing this, you are instantly improving your safety while also making life a little easier.

BlueLock allows more than one person to have access. Unlike a remote, which is costly to duplicate and can end up in the wrong hands, BlueLock can be installed on more than one smartphone and with each installation, a unique QR pin code can be selected. This means that your whole family can use their smartphones to access the home and each have their own pin.  The same applies when using BlueLock in an office; more than one employee can be given access.

To share access, users will need to download the app and then scan the unique QR code which is provided with each unit. Only those who have scanned the same code will have access to that particular system. This is designed to greatly improve the safety and security of the app. You can choose who will have access, so should you be using BlueLock in the office, you can select exactly who can have access and who can’t. This is particularly important for areas where only certain staff have been given clearance to enter, such as a server room.

You will only have to buy one product, so in many ways, you will be saving money.

How safe is BlueLock?

As safety is our business, you can be sure that we have designed BlueLock with more than just the safety it will provide you in mind. Sure, a big benefit of this app is that it is going to simplify the way you look at access control systems, but the purpose of BlueLock to improve your security.

And how could we improve your security if the app itself is not secure?

With clone scams and other factors compromising security these days, we know that robbers can be very crafty when it comes to their “profession”. But we are one step ahead of them so that you never have to worry about it.

So, how is the BlueLock app and device safe? Well, it all has to do with the unique pin that each user gets to choose. Unless you store your pin details on your phone, which we strongly advise against, you won’t have to worry about your security being threatened should your phone be stolen. You will also never again have to worry about your remote or key falling into the wrong hands. Because each person you choose to share your access control system with will have to scan your QR code, you will know and have a record for every person who you have given access to.

And you can also be sure that no one will be able to reproduce the app on their phone. Once the QR code is scanned, it becomes encrypted and as a result it cannot be reproduced should a phone be stolen, or should someone be inclined to share their access.

Your next question might be along the lines of, “What about former employees?” Again, we can give you some peace of mind. When an employee leaves your company, you can remove their access and your company will continue to enjoy the safety that the app provides.

Quick Info about the Master User

The person who buys BlueLock is known as the Master User. They are the ones who will have access to the other features available with the app. They will also be the first person to have the authorisation to have access to the BlueTooth receiver. The need to have authorisation is again another safety feature that owners of BlueLock can enjoy. The Master User will also be the one who decides who can have access to their control systems.

BlueLock is designed to be user friendly and you’ll have no trouble getting the hang of it. In fact, many of our clients now prefer the app method to their previous access control devices.

We are committed to providing our clients with the most reliable and affordable security devices.

Are you ready to improve your security? Get in touch with our team today and transform your smartphone into a universal remote for all of your access control requirements.


Download the Blue Lock app today!