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Advanced access control systems makes it easier for you to handle access to your property. Designed to give you full control over your gates and garage door motors, the app can also control a whole lot more. Find out what else your app can do by clicking here.


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We have a wide variety of products and we are dedicated to pleasing our clients. We are happy to assist you in your enquiry and this can be done by contacting us. If you have any issues with your device, we can help you get sorted out.

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Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It


To make things more convenient, using technology we have created that system

Amazing App Features

To make things more convenient, using technology we have created a system that will not just make entry management easier but access as well.

Electric gates

Take control over who can enter your property with BlueLock™.

Amazing App Features

With our controlled access systems you have all of the control. Our app eliminates the risks of remote controls.

Garage door motors

Security is at the forefront of the creation and development of our app.

Amazing App Features

Having a central device that controls all access to a number of places is very important.


You never have to walk into a dark home again when you have BlueLock™.

Amazing App Features

Ideal for those coming home late at night, control over lighting is another part of our access control system.


Ease of access, whether into your home or business, makes life easier.

Amazing App Features

Access control systems have turned your phone into a universal remote control.

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If you have any enquiries you are more than welcome to contact us.

Amazing App Features

We have advanced in our field in remote access controlled devices. Feel free to contact us

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A bit about the User Interface

We have designed the BlueLock™ application to have a sleek, interactive look and feel. We know that our clients are looking to have that clean cut, easy to use access control system. And that is exactly the type of fully functional app that we are offering our clients.

  • Quick, functional and super easy to use.
  • Downloadable on android 4.1 and up.
  • With a unique key generated every time you add a user or a new device your security is guaranteed.
  • Receiver can be used up to 25 meters away.
  • Easy to add new users and new devices.
  • It is portable and remains secure even if it is lost.
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Who Are We

About our app

This totally secure access control device with a professional app design and an easy to use interface, the BlueLock™ app is one of a kind and it is changing the way that South Africans keep themselves secure. Ideal for use at home or at work, this app gives you control over who will enter your property, home or business by giving you a unique key code that will keep you safe and protected as you will be in control of who you give the access to. If you are looking to take your security to the next level then you should transform your phone into a universal remote control with the BlueLock™ app.

Skills We Use

User Interface 95%
Secured 94%
App Design 97%
Performanced 90%

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